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We had a nice interview with Hueleme Mucho, who has created his own following on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. I am a close follower of his comments on perfumes. Juan Lopez Becerril, owner of the Hueleme Mucho account, has incredible knowledge and experience about perfumes. I would like to thank Juan once again for accepting without hesitation when I offered the interview and answering questions sincerely.

Could you tell us briefly about yourself?

My name is Juan, I live in Spain with my wife, little boy and two dogs. I am a fragrance reviewer that loves learning and enjoys perfumes and the adventure to discover them.

When did your passion for perfume begin?

I have always been curious about fragrances, but in the beginning that was a hobby. It became an obsession with Escentric Molecules 01, as that fragrance opened me a door into a universe I did not know it existed, and that universe is the Niche fragrance world. From that moment on it became an obsession to discover fragrances that are special, unique or that they develop their own unique magic.

What was your first perfume you used?

When I was a kid, about 8 years old, I loved how my father smelled, he used to wear Loewe pour Homme and that, for me, was the best scent ever. I insisted so much that one day my parents bought me a tiny bottle just for me… and I loved it so much that I never finished it and I still have it up to this day and it still smells fantastic

Did you use any Turkish perfume brand? İf used your thoughts?

Turkey is one of my favorite countries. I had the opportunity to visit it many years ago and I fell in love with everything, the people, the marvelous food, the beautiful mosques, the beautiful sites and I remember how that trip was also a scent discovery. All the spices at the bazaars, the fragrances I found there (without any name or brand) made me discover a new way of understanding fragrances.

If we go for a Turkish brand with name, I will have to say Nishane, of which I have around 7 fragrances and which I feel great using them.

But let’s not forget about the fragrances with no name that you have in your country.

Which perfume is your all-time favorite?

Nabucco Parfum Fin is my favorite one because whenever I wear it, I smell like the person I want to become. This is a fragrance that I find worthy of the emperor of the world and when I smell it, it is an aspirational fragrance for me and also a fragrance that I love how it smells.

Unluckily it is discontinued so I keep my bottles like a treasure.

What do you think of synthetic notes?

I believe that there is a popular misconception about synthetic notes. I read a lot about demonizing synthetic notes, about how natural is always better. Without synthetic notes there would not be popular, affordable fragrances. Synthetic does not mean plastic; it means that they have synthesized an odor from a different source which can replace the original one in perfumery. Some natural notes have disappeared because we cannot use them anymore or they are very expensive to add to a regular perfume (such as oud or ambergris, to name a few…), but people still demand them, so it is great to be able to offer other alternatives to cover the need of these materials through synthetic notes so that we can make this fantastic world accessible to as many people as possible. Also, synthetic notes are present in a very high percentage of the fragrances used today. I am pro synthetic notes, but I am pro the good ones, the ones that represent what the substitute and give the same odor or vibe as the original note would do.

Which perfume would you like to create?

I think that a perfume has to be aligned with purpose. If you want to do something it is better to have a fragrance to back you up with the same vibe. So, I would love to create a collection to align purpose and scent and would define the 6 most popular purposes and would create fragrances to achieve them.

Who is your favorite perfumer?

I guess I do not have one, I think that every nose has a different approach for every project, and every project has a different audience, target, purpose… so even though I have respect for each one of them I guess I would rather focus on the fragrances than on the persons that have created them.

What is important to you in a perfume?

That you can identify it with a purpose. A fragrance that has no purpose is unwearable to me.

What do you think about the future of the perfume world?

I think that money will lead the way so we will have a polarization of hyped scents such as Aventus type, Baccarat type, Fruity Musky floral type…. and on the other hand, a lot of people creating fragrances in small or medium brands praying to be the next Aventus.

What do you think about IFRA standards?

I believe that some of the things they do are very well based and they have a point and others are pure economic interests from the companies that finance IFRA. So, I think there should be a second institute that was not privately funded by the fragrance industry that would have a more independent approach on things to be more objective on these issues.

What do you think about some brands being “inspired” by each other? Do you think creativity is decreasing?

I think that money is a great inspiration for many brands. Have you ever seen a clone or an inspiration of a fragrance that has not sold anything? I guess is not a question of creativity is a question of money. If you see your neighbor making millions with Aventus, Baccarat, Erba Pura,…. Why is it bad to try and have your own interpretation of the notes that are trendy or hyped to make money so that you can keep your company alive and trendy? If you want something that only you have… then I guess you should pay for that exclusivity.

Can you give us some suggestions elegant, sexy, daily use, night use, best price, summer and winter, one note one perfume… and more?

That really depends on your taste, your skin and your purpose. For me as Elegant I would use Ormonde Man, Sexy- Danger by Roja Dove, Daily Use, that I cannot respond as I cannot do that myself…. Night use Behique by Renier, Best price I guess Lust by Lush, one of my favorite Jasmine fragrances with a quality to die for at an affordable price. For this summer I guess Silence the Sea by Strangelove NYC and for this Winter I would choose Way to Wakatobi by Almah…

In the end it depends on your taste and your skin. :)

Which perfume do you get most complimented?

Agua by Loewe (unisex, the light green colour one, the original one). That has garnered more compliments than any other fragrance ever.

What would you say perfume lovers in Turkey?

Thank you for reading, I am humbled that you are reading this interview. Also, I would say that this fragrance world never ends so I do suggest you enjoy the ride and enjoy it with a smile.

Thank you for inviting me, I am honored

Sincerely, Sezgin BARAN

Un abrazo fuerte, Juan

Juan Lopez Becerril - Sezgin Baran
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