Orca is the living organism at the top of the food ring in the sea with its name meaning the dagger in Latin.There was a movie made in 1977. Occasionally, it was broadcasted on television.The movie begins with the murder of a killer whale, who is known for their monogamy, by a man who earns his living from hunting killer whales and realizing that the whale killed while hanging up by crane on the hunter ship is pregnant.Movie ends with the whale attached to his family, revealing his presence to take revenge with systematic plans, coming face to face with the whaler and killing him.In a line there: they said that the killer whales had never forgotten a face they had seen for forty years, that they were vengeful mammals, and that they would eventually come to avenge. They're amazing creatures in deed.They live in small communes,they form families and share with their families.These features in fact should set for us,humans an example.If we are on the high seas without any equipment, we will surely witness the justice of nature.

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We need to respect the living space of every living creature in nature and their balanced lives with perfect systematics.
Of course, these creatures do not have the power to deliver the punishment of human beings, who have broken up many chains of nature; However, if we break the natural justice in this world, the famine that we will encounter one day will break our order and bring our end.


I want to tell you about Ambergris today. Ambergris or gray amber has been used for a long time in the perfume industry, and because of the difficulty of being found, it is an elite, prestigious and animal-smelling animal material that has been tried to be sensed by its substitues over time.
Known history and origin of the source is as follows:
vomit of sperm , a species of whale living in its natural habitat emerges as a stone when it is released into the water.
Unfortunately, we do not have any information as to whether this whale vomit was excreted by mouth or by defecation. Fresh ambergris is completely white at first, but then becomes infected and turns gray. Since it cannot be obtained in its natural environment, ambergris hitting the shore is found by coincidence on the islands that usually have an ocean shore. Its odor and structure vary, but more or less: it is a combo that evokes the salty odor of the sea and the earthy or even blood.
Regardless of the composition, sometimes it shows itself with repressing and sometimes without repressing and takes the smell to another dimension. Compared to other animal materials, the non-repellent odor (in my opinion none of them is repellent) is generally attractive.


The House of Matriarch is one of the best boutiques that processes natural ambergris. Orca is a perfume like Ghazal but with lower price,that provides us to smell good quality ambergris. Maybe it is even one of the references in this area.Unlike Ghazal,ambergris is the lead actor. I can even say: the other materials are only auxiliary elements that make up a composition.

Orca is a perfume that House of Matriarch launched in 2015. Her perfumer is Christi Meshell, as with all House of Matriarch fragrances. I think the perfume is named after Orca, which is perhaps the most sophisticated creature of the oceans, because it is based in Ambergris, and known by us as the killer whale.
Ambergris originating from 1800's in New Zealand is really interesting.Ambergris was one of my favorite notes and in this respect Orca was the House of Matriarch perfume I was mostly curious about.

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Constituents of the perfume:
I will write without ordering notes. There is a ranking of notes on the internet, but it's both incomplete and misleading.
Ambergris, birch tar, incense, benzoin resin, amber, honey, labdanum, spices (cumin, black pepper and cinnamon), choya loban resin, leather.

Orca makes you feel that it is an ambergris-based perfume from the first spray. The smell is opened with salty ambergris, soft amber. Amber is a very good note and it is not understandable why they use it without measure.Then spices and resins are slowly added to the fragrance. You feel that a secret woodiness is also included in the odor: I think choya should be loban resin and labdanum. In the middle layers, a small amount of smell begins to encircle a darkness. Slight incense sounds a bit of birch smell. And the skin I smell in black no1 also is smelled in this section.But they never spoil the lead role of ambergris. These materials are of the quality you will use if you use perfume alone: they are only there to reveal the different states. You feel it officially.

In the last part of the middle notes, a honey note that adds flavor rather than softness and sweetness is displayed in a simple style. I can tell you that the smell of honey and benzoin smells like it should. Honey is neither sticky nor unconscious.It's obviously used to soften the spices. Benzoin is neither sticky nor spiral. When these transitions are over, the last spicy, slightly dusty, slightly smoky ambergris scent stays on your skin for a long time.I have to say that Orca has 100% natural content.You can say perfumes with small or large similarities in composition; but it is not possible to have such a natural and high quality as Orca.Tauer, which is a very popular perfume, resembles Tauer LDDM, but it is a perfume far above it.Orca is a completely smooth fragrance.It also very popular and liked from the people around me. But most importantly, I liked the scent very much.

In addition to being a high-quality and natural fragrance, I think it is a perfume that will have a special place in my life with the stave it puts up in the fragrances containing ambergris. It can be used in any environment in winter and spring months. If I were to describe the smell with a wind, I would call it "Southwester" for Orca.

Orca is quite satisfactory in performance. It has an all-day long-lasting spread around my skin for around 4 hours.

Forgive,If I am mistaken
Another great review:) It seems only fitting they named a top-notch fragrance after an apex predator that lies at the top of the food chain in the seas. My heart-felt thanks for introducing us to such an amazing composition of a fragrance:)