Today, I will try to comment the House of Matriarch - Sex Magic.

Before I begin, I would like to mention a little bit of boutique. In fact, the word ‘’Matriarch’’ explains the concept of the boutique as the word implies ‘’female domination’’.House of Matriarch is a boutique that was founded in 2011, whose founder, perfumer and the owner is Christi Meshell and ever since boutique runs with Meshell’s efforts and the concept she created.

The concept of the boutique can be considered as a response to a failure of the mimicking nature today. In House of Matriarch, perfumes are designed in such a way that, they consist of fully or nearly fully natural materials. It is commendable that they are not substitutable as well as their ability to stand against the poorly mimicked natural scents. Navajo Tribe’s perspective of life shapes Christi Meshell’s life philosophy and her lifestream and perfumery were built on this philosophy. Although Tribal members of the Navajo are considered as the ‘’savages’’ in a conquer of America that is then called ‘’the new world’’ in known sources, it was surprising for me to discover that these natives have a more solid cultural structure than the real savages; invaders. As for the importance of the letter ‘’M’’ in the branding, it is believed that the ‘’M’’ letter has a mystique power when the flow during the drawing of ‘’M’’ is a representative of social assistance and the peace is concerned. Also, the geometrical shapes that are present on the logos and the bottles of the brand represent shapes of cosmic meditation such as main elements; fire, water, earth, and air along with the cosmos. Shapes of Venus represents that the brand is women-oriented.

The bottles of perfumes refer to tear bottles used in ancient Rome. At that time, the tears of the mourners were filled into a bottle and put into the grave; It was believed that as the tears dried, the pain diminished and the mourning ended. Again, the color of the copper in the bottle is coming from the copper equipment used in the distillation systems. Copper is known as a metal that gives rhythm to scents during distillation. After reading so many, I actually began to have a greater admiration towards House of Matriarch and Christi Meshell as well.

Sex magic is a unisex perfume designed by Christi Meshell in 2013.

s.m. 1.jpg

Described notes of perfume:
Cedar, Mysore Sandalwood, Gandhi root, Buddha tree, damiana (a type of woody-rooted shrub-like vetiver), Evergreens (green leaves of evergreen trees), pine, Amber, Oud, leather, moss, Cholla cactus (a kind of woody cactus), violet-shaped.

Cedar and sandalwood incense, burnt pine cones, inside of a half-burnt forest. As depicted, it is sad but also hopeful with the shoots it gives. Like a belt wrapped around the waist with clean realistic leather woody accents and like a leather jacket that you just put on your shoulders.

s.m. 2.jpg
It is pleasant finding the spicy oud we know from Eaglewood, dressed together in a variety of layered cedar; Or the smell of the House of Matriarch's special notes and the mystery of sandalwood with other woody essences that I am almost certain to work differently and smelling this mystery.

What would you say when trying to compare it with a smell you know before and finding out it makes you think it is actually unique?
I presume, you probably didn't smell such an odor that would cling to the intention of comparing something, and then understand that you're unfair to the quality of this material, causing you to swallow your mind and bite your brain. Some scents envelop you in layers. You feel united you feel like a whole. That's exactly the scent of what we're talking about. Even if you can't use it, it's like enjoying to watch a wild animal in nature that you can't domesticate.


Although Sex Magic does not promise, it brings you the fog collapsed of the cedar forests in Lebanon and the dew fallen in the morning frost.
Interestingly, in Lebanon, the cedar tree is considered as a tree of hope, an oud is a dead tree or the wood of death and the sandal is a symbol of naive expression, joy, kindness, and perhaps when combined, this woody structure that has been created causes schizophrenic feelings.

For instance, it is expected to be a dry smell, but this is not the case, I know that clearly. If you make this perfume even with the ordinary constituents of the same substances, it may smell like sex magic, but you are ready for a woody leather perfume to smell so smooth and with character. When I sniffed the brand's Black no1 scent, the first thought that comes into my mind is it would turn its user into an alpha male.
Sex magic is a fragrance that can depict many moods. There may be many people that would state a different mind on the scent such as dark, or charismatic, or sexy or fun. This versatile feeling makes it a fragrance that can be used without selecting an environment. One of the interesting things in odor is that woody scents that have unique spice-like feel give depth to the smell with these spicy structures.
And indeed, it is expected when so many spices are used, odor tires and blocks the nose; however, here you can smell without disturbing. Tree mosses give this majestic woody fragrance a spiral feel. The roots, trunk and the needles of the tree have drawn a frame without moving to the scent. I still cannot express whether it is the leather that supports woodiness or the woodiness that adds richness to the leather. The structure of the perfume is so restrained and balanced that it is difficult to make this decision.

Sex Magic is a perfume that gives the layers of a forest the most accurate way. Composition describes leaves, trunks, roots, and shrubs that flowers under the shadows of the trees.

We actually know the line of the brand. You can totally smell the cedar in Ghazal, the oud in She, the leather in Black no 1, the green leaves of Sacre Noir, or the woody scent of the damiana in Forbidden.
However, you can never find similarity in composition within all these perfumes without separating the constituents. Those who follow the brand will understand clearly what I'm saying. In my opinion, the House of Matriarch is a very successful brand that combines its note-based quality with composition.
Finally, Christi Meshell mentioned that they use high quality drinking alcohol in their perfumes. In fact, I think that alcohol quality affects brand success. Otherwise, if such high-quality notes were mixed with a poor quality of alcohol, maybe this would not give us the joy that we received.
In summary: The opening of the odor is very strong and hard-bodied in green and woody structures. After this green structure and the woodiness give its dominance to leather, leather deepens the odor. I should mention that the green side of the smell is a bit dark and the green tones used are not the usual. The smell of cedarwood is the dominant one among the other woody scents.
The cedar here is the Lebanese cedar in Ghazal, which I smelled before. The problem is that just after the start, the violet, which is included in the fragrance in a slight tone, makes the leather a bit unappealing.

It has a plasticish feel. This is caused by amber and violet. However, this does not take long. As the fragrance settles on the skin, it turns into a leather perfume in woody and creamy tones.
Of course, I can say that the woody structure is already dark, and the added leather deepens the darkness to a great extent. In fact, all the woody materials Cedar, oud, sandalwood and Buddha are included in the fragrance with the darkest shades possible.
Pine leaves, pine cones, green leaves and greens such as spicy cactus, damiana, tree moss prevent this mixture from becoming completely pessimistic. Although the leather is a prominent figure, the odor is in fact dominated by an aromatic woodiness. Although it is described as Unisex, I believe it is more suitable for Male use. Sex Magic is versatile, fun and enjoyable to discover and smell. Even in the last state when it is fixed on the skin, it continues to give pleasure not only with a single note but with the whole woody and green tones.

Finally, the permanence and noticeability of Sex Magic were above average in my skin. The perfume I use in the morning does not require to refresh until the evening. Anyone who wants a luxurious and charismatic perfume should try Sex Magic.

Forgive, if I am mistaken.
A comprehensive review that gives us great insight into not only the perfume itself but also the boutique and the perfumer. Thank you for penning such an informative review:) Now I feel more intrigued by the house:)