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Could you briefly tell about yourself?

First of all, thank you for this opportunity. If I talk about myself briefly, my name is Adam, I am Russian. I grew up in Moscow. I traveled a lot, studied abroad. I was introduced to Islam about 10 years ago while learning English in Australia. My Saudi Arabian Arab friends gave very good examples of Islam. So I was curious and started researching. I was very impressed by Islam, I saw the truth. I read the Koran, was impressed and decided it was 100% correct. Thus, I gradually converted to Islam.

When did your passion for perfume begin?

Getting to know Islam led to my passion for perfumes. I had many bad habits before Islam. Thank God I got rid of all my bad habits and developed good habits. One of them was my love for perfume. I acquired many Arabian perfumes, pure oud oils, attars. My collection has expanded incredibly and uncontrollably. So I decided to share my collection with other people. So I started selling my own perfumes on ebay. Meanwhile, with my dear friend Sultan Pasha, we started working on blending in London. We did small blending experiments using pure oud and attars. I started this journey with my friend Sultan Pasha.

What was your first perfume?

I don't remember my first perfume. Actually, my first personal perfume was Ottoman Empire, which I made myself. First of all, I met the cheap fragrances, oils and essences that people share in the mosque or in the mosque after worshiping. Then my interest increased. I can say that the scents emanating from the air around me and the cheap smells were my first experiences.

What is the first perfume you designed? Did you get help during the design phase?

As I mentioned before, the first perfume I designed was Ottoman Empire. It was a perfume that really impressed me. While designing this perfume, I got help and advice from my close friend Sultan Pasha. Because he was much more experienced in blending than I did.

Are there any other perfumes you use from other brands?

In fact, I generally do not prefer to use other brand perfumes. Sometimes I buy cheap perfumes that smell good, but I can't really like it. I use my own attar or perfumes daily.

What are your inspirations in the perfume design process?

While designing my perfumes, I am inspired by Almighty Allah. Also, many good content I use can impress me. Rose oils, oud oils, attars can inspire me to create perfumes around themselves. Russia, the places I visit, visit, miss and want to go are also inspiring. I haven't been to Siberia, but when designing the "Siberian Summer" "Siberian Musk", I was inspired by Siberia. Again, the source of inspiration for "Russian Musk" is Russia.

You are the perfumer who uses the musk note best. Why are you so interested in the Musk note?

Thank you for the compliment. I don't do anything in particular, I just use it because it's a note I like. Musk is one of my favorite and favorite main ingredients like oud and ambergris. A very special fragrance for me is mentioned in the Qur'an and is described as the scent of heaven. It is also the favorite fragrance of our prophet to whom we are affectionately devoted. I love perfumes with musk in them. In fact, it is difficult to explain this issue exactly. I shared much more detailed information about musk on my Youtube channel.

Are there any other notes you would like to highlight in your future collections?

Since my first collection, I have been trying to highlight and shine not only musk but all the notes I love such as oud and ambergris. I will continue with the notes that I love in the same way in my future collections. Because these notes can vary so much. For example, oud oils have thousands of different characters and properties. You've probably heard of my new fragrance, Chinese Oud. The oud I use in this perfume has many different nuances such as bitter, sweet and animalistic.

What is your favorite perfume?

Ottoman Empire, the first perfume I designed, is my favorite perfume in general. Of course, it is boring to smell the same perfume all the time, it is always necessary to try new scents, but as I said, Ottoman Empire is my fixed perfume.

What do you think about the synthetic notes used in perfumes?

Synthetic notes are a very interesting field. Since my first collection, I have always been open-minded to synthetic notes, I even use high-quality synthetic notes in my compositions to brighten certain nuances. I do not believe that perfumes consisting of pure notes are very very good and perfumes should be completely natural. The important thing is that the designer can reach the scent he wants to do and people can understand and love him. The designer can achieve this from natural notes or synthetic notes; and I think this is a successful art. I use high quality synthetic ingredients. Most of my perfumes have a small amount in it. I am not against synthetics if used correctly; I am neutral. Of course, completely synthetic perfumes are not interesting or do not have much effect. It is not always easy to imitate natural scents. Like sandal, oud, rose or musk. As I said, I think synthetic ingredients can be used to highlight and shine the main fragrance.

Which perfume would you like to design?

An interesting question. I design all the perfumes I want to design eventually. But this is a very difficult phase because I have very high expectations and sophisticated ideas for my perfumes. Sometimes it is difficult and takes time to realize the idea in my mind. When you want it to be a certain way and blend it, you may not get what you dream of. For this reason, you can spend some time. But I usually surprisingly exceed my expectations. I imagine and blend something, and the result can be much better sometimes. Alhamdulillah this makes me very happy. My art is inspirational.

How would you describe your brand?

I try to add meaning to the name of my brand as much as possible. Areej Le Dore consists of Arabic and French words. The name of my brand also represents Arab and French influences in my perfume style. Areej stands for perfect and fragrant aura. This is exactly what I want to do. Le dore means gold, luxury, expensive, Le dore represents the ingredients I use in perfumes.

What would you like to say to perfume lovers in Turkey?

I greet perfume lovers and brothers in Turkey. Thank you for your support and love. I would like to encourage you to have access to our perfumes because; I do not understand why, but our perfumes cannot enter Turkish customs. For this, I ask you to write a petition to the state. So you can buy and use our fragrances.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Russian Adam - Sezgin BARAN

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